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Est. 1895



Effective from April 2012




The Club shall be known as SWINDON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB (the ‘Club’) at the following address:

New Pavilion, Greenbridge Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN3 3LA.




  • The Club colours shall be Navy Blue & Amber.




The Club is affiliated to the RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION and DORSET & WILTS RFU.



The aims and objectives of the Club will be:


  • To promote Rugby Union within the local community.
  • To play at the highest possible level whilst maintaining the integrity of the Club.
  • To give all players the best coaching available to reach their full potential.
  • To teach young players not only rugby skills but discipline, comradeship and team work that will benefit them in later life.
  • To make rugby accessible to all and ensure that none are disadvantaged due to race, creed social background or ability.
  • To ensure a duty of care of all Members.
  • To ensure that all Members, present and future, receive fair and equal treatment and to provide services that are fair to all.
  • To provide children with a safe and caring environment in which to learn.
  • To provide and maintain a Clubhouse and pitches at the Club address (above).
  • The Rugby Football Unions Laws as/or regards to the game shall be the laws of the Club.




  • Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of Club Membership according to available facilities is allowed on a non discriminatory basis. • The Club Committee may refuse membership only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute.
  • Club Membership consists of Officers and Members of the Club.
  • All Officers and Members will be subject to the regulations of the Constitution and by joining the Club will be deemed to accept the regulations and codes of conduct that the Club have adopted.
  • Members in full time education shall pay a reduced fee as laid down by the Committee.
  • Membership will fall into the following categories:- 
  • Senior Playing
  • Junior Playing
  • Life
  • Vice President
  • Family
  • Social
  • Associate 
  • Membership fees will be set annually by the Club Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Senior playing membership will be paid monthly throughout the year.
  • All other membership renewals shall become due on the 1st September each year.
  • .New Members joining outside the month of September will pay a pro rata fee.
  • Any Member being in arrears with their fees (Membership or playing) for one year may cease to be a Member of the Club (subject to confirmation by the Club Committee). 

The Officers of the Club will be:

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Club Captain
  • Membership Secretary
  • Sponsorship/Publicity Officer
  • Child Protection Officer 
  • The Club Committee shall have responsibility for the management of the Club, its funds, property and affairs.
  • The Officers of the Club shall form the Club Committee.
  • The Club Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-Committees and/or individuals to assist in the completion of Club business as necessary.
  • Committee meetings shall be held a minimum of once a month
  • The quorum required to conduct business shall be five.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for any disciplinary hearings of Members who infringe the Club rules. 
  • All Club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the Club.
  • The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Club.
  • The financial year will end on the 30th June.
  • The Treasurer will present a statement of annual accounts to the Members at the AGM.
  • The Treasurer will be the authorised sole signatory of the account.
  • A Certified Chartered Accountant/s shall be appointed at the AGM to act as auditors for the coming year. They shall have access to all books and accounts, funds and effects of the Club and shall submit the annual accounts in the first instance to the Committee and subsequently to the AGM. No Officer of the Club shall by reason of being a Member of or employed by such accountants be eligible to serve as auditor. 

 The Club Secretary shall give at least 21 days notice of the AGM which should be held before the 30th September each year.

  • The AGM will receive a report from the Chairman of the Club and a statement of the audited accounts.
  • Nominations for Officers of the Club should be sent to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting.
  • Election of Officers other than the President and Treasurer shall take place annually at the AGM
  • The President shall be elected every five years at the AGM or Special General Meeting (SGM) called for that purpose.
  • The Treasurer shall be elected at a SGM at the end of the Clubs financial year.
  • A Member with full voting rights shall be defined as a person who has paid:- a. Their full rugby Membership, vice presidency or life Membership and is defined by the Club Committee to be or has been a rugby playing Member.
  1. Their full Vice Presidency or life Membership and has been elected as a voting Member at an AGM or SGM.
  • The Secretary shall be given at least seven days notice in writing of any business requiring to be discussed at the AGM.
  • A SGM may be convened at any time by the Club Committee or within fourteen days of a request being received in writing by the Secretary and signed by at least twenty voting Members.
  • A quorum of at least twenty Members is required to conduct business at an AGM or SGM.


 All complaints regarding the behaviour of junior Members should be submitted in writing to the Child Protection Officer.

  • A disciplinary Committee will meet to hear a complaint within 30 days of that complaint being lodged in writing to the Secretary.
  • The disciplinary Committee has the power to take appropriate action including suspension and the termination of Membership.
  • Both the Member lodging the complaint and the Member against who the complaint has been made should be notified of the result in writing within seven days of a meeting being held.
  • There will be the right to appeal to the Club Committee following disciplinary action being announced. The Club Committee should consider the appeal within 14 days of the Secretary receiving the written appeal.
  • A Member may be suspended from the Club by the Club Manager and one Officer of the Club or by two Officers of the Club pending disciplinary action.


  • There shall be at least two and no more than five trustees appointed by the Club Committee.
  • The trustees shall hold office until death, resignation or removal from office by the Club Committee.
  • The Trustees and Officers of the Club shall have a right of indemnity against and reimbursement out of the funds and property of the Club, in respect of any claim brought against them with regards to acts done whilst carrying out their respective duties, as long as such acts were within the scope of their authority. 
  • The Constitution can only be changed through agreement by the majority vote at the AGM or SGM called for that purpose.


The Club Committee shall be the sole authority for interpretation of the Club Constitution and for settling all disputes relating to the affairs of the Club or to the conduct of the Members. The decision of the Club Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided by this Constitution shall be final and binding on all Members.


 In the event of it becoming necessary for the Members to discontinue the activities of the Club and to dissolve the Club under the provisions of the Act, its funds and property shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Members but shall be appropriated or distributed for the benefit of the governing body for Rugby Union Football or for such Community Amateur Sports Club or charity as may be approved by the Club Members in an AGM or SGM convened for that purpose.