Mon 18 Nov 2019 12:20

Photography Policy


Any photographs or videos taken of children must be age appropriate, and must align with the Club’s and the RFU’s core values (see the Club’s and England Rugby websites). They must also conform with the guidelines in the RFU’s Safeguarding Toolkit (available on the Club website’s.Safeguarding information page).


Images of any child (i.e. anyone younger than 18), other than your own, must not be shared on any social media platform or stored within any file sharing software without the express permission of the parent or carer of each child that is shown in the photograph or video.

It is the responsibility of the person wishing to share image(s) of a child, to obtain permission from each child’s parent(s).


It is the responsibility of a child’s parents to notify all relevant coaches at the Club, and the Club’s Safeguarding Officers, of any safeguarding issues relating to the taking and sharing of images of their child.


It is impractical for the coaches to supervise the taking and sharing of images at all times;

Therefore, the responsibility to remain vigilant remains with a child’s parent, guardian or carer.


The coaches will, however, be expected to notify opposition teams’ coaches, and spectators at the beginning of each session, of photographic restrictions. These restrictions may prohibit not only the sharing of images, but also prohibit the taking of images. The extent of the restriction must be agreed between the parents and the coaches.


In the circumstances where restrictions apply regarding the taking and sharing of a photograph or video, it is recommended that the parents and the coaches liaise with the Club’s Safeguarding Officer(s).