Wed 01 Jul 2020 22:57

We look forward to able to welcome all members and visitors back to the club from 12pm on Saturday 4th July.

Conditions of Re-Opening

Our re-opening though will need to be in line with government guidelines. This means the experience will be very different to what we will all be used to. These measures are in place for the safety of our staff, members and visitors. Non-members are welcome to visit us.

Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all times (unless you are part of the same household or extended social bubble) and any members not obeying these guidelines will be reminded of their responsibilities. Continuous ignoring of the rules will result in individuals not being served and asked to leave, and may be subject to disciplinary action depending on the circumstances.

Members and visitors should be reminded that the Police and Local Authority (Swindon Borough Council) have the powers to enter the premises at any time and apply on the spot enforcement if they witness social distancing measures being breached. This includes closure of the premises and potential fines.

Revised Entrance & Exits

In order to minimise contact between members and visitors we are having to introduce a one-way system around the premises that involves a revised entrance and exit. Our traditional entrance will be unavailable for entering the premises. Instead we need members and visitors to enter around the side of the clubhouse, up the disabled ramp and following the pitch side barrier to the patio. Entry into the clubhouse will be through the doors to the main bar with the one way system moving in a clockwise direction through the function hall to the doors in the hall out onto the patio. Exiting the premises is via the one-way system through to the traditional exit.

Protecting Staff, Members & Visitors

The one way system is in place to prevent people crossing paths with each other. It is important everybody washes their hands every time they enter and exit the building. There are numerous hand sanitiser dispensers situated on the walls around the clubhouse. Please use these each time you pass one. Dispensers will be regularly checked to ensure they are not empty.

All doors through the one way system will be wedged open to stop them being regularly touched to open. Please do not close any doors behind you at any point. Where possible windows will be opened to improve ventilation through the clubhouse. The inside of the clubhouse will be regularly cleaned particularly around the areas where sanitiser dispensers are situated and around equipment such as the tills and card machines.

Accessing Toilets

Social distancing restrictions mean we can only apply a 1 in 1 out approach to using the toilets. To maximise available toilet capacity both the Ladies & Gents toilets in the main bar will for Male use only, and the Ladies & Gents toilets in the hall will be for Female use only. Please follow the floor markings to get to each toilet and practice 1 metre plus social distancing if there is a queue for the facility. Please remember to wash your hands using the hand sanitiser on the way into the toilet and wash your hands using the sinks in each toilet on your way out.

Where to Drink

The main bar and Presidents bar is unavailable for anybody to use. There is some seating capacity in the hall that is restricted to a maximum capacity taking into account social distancing spacing. The remainder of the seating is to be taken onto the patio, grass area above the patio and onto the pitches if needed. If there is a need to move onto the pitches please follow the barrier markings up to the pitch entrance. This is the only area of the premises where members or visitors could pass each other so please move out of peoples way if needed. If the hall is at full capacity members and visitors must find a seat outside. Standing outside is permitted, however is not permitted in the hall.

Under current social distancing guidelines members of the same household or an extended social bubble may sit together without the need to socially distance. Members and visitors that do need to socially distance are reminded that the maximum size they can socialise in is a group of 6, and must be 1 metre plus away from each other. Side by side or at an angle to each other is considered suitable mitigation rather than facing each other.

Children are of course welcome, however must be accompanied by adults at all times. To ensure we are applying social distancing measures we cannot allow children to be left unsupervised.

Unfortunately if there is any inclement weather and people who are sat outside want to move inside, they will not be able to if the hall is already at maximum capacity. We are looking at the possibility of installing a shelter on the patio to provide additional cover.

Ordering Drinks

Ordering at the main bar is not permitted. A phone number will be displayed around the premises for members and visitors to send a private WhatsApp message with their order to. This order should state your membership number. If you are a non-member visiting the club please state that in your message. Once ready to be collected you will be notified via a thumbs up emoji at which point you should make your way to the main bar to collect your order ensuring you follow the way system up to the bar and back outside. Please do not stand around in the bar area once you've collected your drinks.

Anyone sat inside will be served via table service. There will be a table server in operation to be able to give your orders to. This service may be available outside if the staff member is not too busy. We have a new outside bar on the other side of the patio to where the doors are which can take orders. Please only go up to this bar when you can see there is no queue.

As an additional safety measure all members will be served using plastic glasses and are asked to dispose of these in the bins provided. Members are permitted to bring their own glasses which they can then pour the drink into. However if these are left unaccompanied for a long period of time they will be disposed of by the bar staff.

Paying for Drinks

To ensure the safety of our staff we are encouraging all members to pre-load their membership cards when they first enter and use this prepaid tab to minimise hand to hand contact with the staff. As an additional safety measure members will not need to hand their membership card over to be scanned through the till. Contactless card payments are also acceptable which is a method people should be used to now given the measures that have been in place during lockdown in supermarkets etc. Non-members will need to use a card payment or can join the club and become social members. Accruing of tab balances is no longer permitted.

No Smoking on Patio

With the patio now becoming a main seating area for members and visitors it can no longer be the designated smoking area. If you intend to smoke regularly during your visit please ensure you move across to the grass areas above the patio or onto the pitches. Please dispose of your cigarettes in the bins provided and do not throw them on to the grass.

Assisting With Government Track & Trace Scheme

All members and visitors should be advised that we will be maintaining a register of attendees on the premises each day as a government requirement to assist with the track and trace scheme if any coronavirus transmission occurs in the area and that individual happened to visit Swindon Rugby Club at some point in the previous 21 days. We will be obliged to supply the list of customers to the NHS in order for anyone who was in the club at the same time to be contacted. Members are asked to assist with this if they bring guests. Non-members will be asked for their details.

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