Mon 16 May 2022 15:44


Touch rugby is a simple game that removes the need for most equipment, simplifies the laws by removing lineouts, scrums, rucks and mauls, and, of course, can be played with less fear of injury through tackling. It focuses on running and passing ability. It can allow smaller and lighter players to shine, so is ideal for mixed rugby as well as groups with players of different ages.

The tackle is a one or two-handed touch, normally below the waist. From the tackle either a pass is made or the ball is laid back between the legs. The attacking side has a limited number of touch tackles (normally 5 or 6) before the ball is turned over. The defence must retire five metres from every tackle.

Touch can be a great way to get fit and have fun. As a family it can give you something to do to stay active together.
We are offering Touch rugby to everyone for free on Thursdays @6:30pm.

Free fun, social and fitness, we will see you there!

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